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The Way I See It: A Book of Passages We All Can Relate To

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Based on recollections of situations that life deals you, The Way I See It examines, in a new light, issues that all people go through in the process of growing up to become productive souls. The author reveals profound, universal lessons he learned while succeeding over his own adversities. His thoughtful passages make you want to think with your heart.
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The Way I See It: A Book of Passages We All Can Relate To
Kennth Alston

Book Contents

  • Tragic Situations
  • Being a Father
  • I Chose The Wrong Woman
  • Your Mind Is Messed Up
  • Black Women
  • To Love a Woman
  • Why Is The Black Man A Target In America
  • From The Judicial System & Beyond
  • Unjust and Unfair Child Support Laws
  • (+ many more)

What Readers Are Saying

“I have had the pleasure of reading The Way I See It and have enjoyed every poem and passage in its entirety. This young man puts it all into perspective.” -L.L. Davis
“The vignettes were heartfelt, warm and loving. I was amazed at the author’s insight and believe this book could be an inspiration to young people everywhere.” -L. Green
“I read this book and liked the way life’s experiences are told in detail. Many of us have gone through similar relationship trials and ups and downs.” -Brian Howard
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Kenneth Alston

About The Author

Kenneth Alston is a researcher, public speaker and self-published author from Saint Louis, MO working to create change by sharing issues that impact the African American community. He focuses on topics including relationships, racism, criminal justice and child support law reforms. His aim is to help others navigate through life with words that nourish the spirit.